Psychiatric Services

Alternative Paths has a team of psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses, and psychiatric nurses dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of individuals who may benefit from the use of psychiatric medication as a part of their treatment plan. Our program focuses on the client’s current physical, mental, and emotional health needs as well as developing and targeting goals to ensure prevention and wellness.

Our doctors and nurses educate clients about their mental health diagnosis as well as other co-occurring health issues, the purpose of prescribed medications, and possible side effects. Our staff will work to coordinate your mental health medication services with other medical providers to ensure integrated, holistic care. 

For individuals in need of assistance in managing their medications, our nursing staff can provide medication-monitoring services to ensure adherence to prescribed medication regimens and ensure maximum benefit is realized through the use of medications.

In addition to prescribing medications, Alternative Paths provides medication assistance programs to assist clients in obtaining psychiatric medications. Clients without prescription coverage may qualify for low cost prescription medication through our Central Pharmacy program or through various patient assistance programs.

Our Adult Psychiatric Services Team

  • Ryan Bednar, APRN

  • Ravinder Brar, MD

  • Angel Davis, APRN

  • Nitika Mahajan, MD

  • Roger Sparhawk, MD
  • Shadina Terry, APRN