Forensic Programs


Alternative Paths provides mental health and substance abuse screening and treatment for inmates at the Medina County Jail. Inmates in need of services can access assessment, individual counseling, group counseling, case management, or psychiatric services while at the jail. In addition, individuals with substance use disorders that may benefit from Medication Assisted Treatment may initiate those services while in jail. 

Once services have been established in the jail, our team of clinician’s works to provide linkage for individuals to community based services at Alternative Paths or other appropriate community providers. Our linkage team will also provide assistance in obtaining additional supports, including housing, benefits, and other necessary services in an effort to assist individuals at being successful in the community and reduce recidivism at the Medina County Jail.


Court diversion counselors provide chemical dependency and/ or mental health assessment, group and individual counseling services, case management, and crisis intervention to clients who are referred for services by the probation departments of the Medina and Wadsworth Municipal Courts.  Staff will work with the clients to help decrease their potential for recidivating in the criminal justice system and to maintain a lifestyle which supports successful completion of community sanctions recommended by the court.  


Alternative Paths provides mental health and substance abuse intervention and treatment services to juveniles detained at the Medina County Juvenile Detention Center. An initial assessment is provided to juveniles to ensure their own safety and the safety of others upon entrance to the JDC. If necessary, additional services, including individual counseling, group counseling, case management, and intervention/education services are provided based on individual needs.  Our JDC staff work with the juvenile, families, other community agencies, and court staff to develop a plan of services for the juvenile that can be implemented upon return to the community.


Alternative Paths is a designated provider for the Medina County Juvenile Drug Court program. Our staff provides an initial assessment for program participants and recommends participation in either the “Intensive” or “Non-Intensive” Drug Court programs. 

The court designates the frequency and duration of services, while the clinicians at Alternative Paths develop the treatment plan in conjunction with the youth and their families. 

“Intensive” Services are provided at the Juvenile Drug Court Annex Building, while “Non-Intensive” services are provided at Alternative Paths’ Medina office.