Responding to Persons in Mental Health Crisis

Responding to Persons in Mental Health Crisis, Training for Law Enforcement

Location: Montville Safety Services Center, 6665 Wadsworth Road, Medina
Presenters:  Gail Houk, LPCC-S/ Thomas Huggins, RNC
September 19, 2022  12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The course will help participants recognize and effectively communicate with individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. The course will cover symptomology of severe mental illness and psychosocial issues commonly leading to a mental health crisis.  Participants will learn skills for assessing and managing suicide risk. Participants will focus on how trauma can impact mental health, and how to use trauma informed approaches with people in crisis.  Information will be provided on the array of behavioral health services available in Medina County and how to access them.

Free training.  4 hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) has been approved by the Ohio Attorney General for Responding to Mental Health


For more information contact Gail Houk, LPCC-S at (330) 764-3607