Adult Case Manager

Position: Case Manager
Hours: 40 hours per week
Position Summary:
Case Managers provide rehabilitative services to consumers intended to maximize the reduction of symptoms of mental illness in order to restore the consumer’s functioning to the highest level possible. Case Management supports the consumer’s ability to take responsibility for managing his/her mental illness and achieving and maintaining his/her rehabilitative and/or recovery goals. Case Management staff may perform their work independently and/or as a part of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and trained others who are community based and mobile. On behalf of the consumer, Case Management Services may be provided to his/ her parents, guardian, family members and/or significant others. The service may be delivered in a variety of locations based upon the natural environment(s) of the consumer, i.e., home and community locations, in order to facilitate the consumer receiving the service, improved community functioning.
A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a human service related field, e.g. counseling, social work.
4-5 years of specialized training and experience closely associated with Case Management services shall be considered in the event a candidate does not possess a bachelor’s degree.
A Case Management Clinician must possess formal education and/ or specialized training and knowledge of behavioral health issues and symptoms of mental illness commonly seen in the severely mentally disabled adult population. He/ she must possess knowledge and practical skills to assess consumer’s clinical and psychosocial needs, which are in turn used to develop appropriate service plans and interventions. Understanding of appropriate therapeutic interventions and use of clinical tools such as medications is needed. A Case Management Clinician must demonstrate strong interpersonal communication and mediation skills with consumers, interdisciplinary team members as well as those in the community associated with their work, i.e., family, guardians, and other community agencies and entities. He/ she must build and demonstrate self-confidence in his/ her role within the agency and community. The ability to complete competent documentation of clinical information as well as strong general written and verbal communication is essential. A Case Management Clinician must be able to work in an environment that requires flexibility, adaptability, multitasking, independent thinking, organizational skills, and time management. He / she must be able to respect the diversity/ individuality of others while also having the ability to set and maintain personal/ professional boundaries. He/ she shall have the ability to work with people in a professionally caring, respectful and ethical manner. Must possess an Ohio Driver’s license, have access to a car and be willing to transport clients. Proficient in Microsoft Office products (Word and Excel).
Job Type: Full-time
Resumes may be sent to the Director of HR, Jordan Casey, jcasey@alternativepaths.org.